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Glass Flower

These flowers will never wilt. During this class you will pick the glass colors you want, cut and grind your glass petals then assemble your flower. We then fuse your flower, then fire it again using a slump mold. This class is part of our Fun Fuse Class

basket weave.jpg

Basket Weave

A Most Popular Choice

Make your own glass basket weave project. You pick the glass then weave glass pieces to create your art. You can chose to have your basket weave made into a plate or bowl for an additional $8.00. This class is part of our Fun Fuse Class

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This is a class to instruct the use of inclusions in between the Glass with reactive materials. This is a way to create background colors in your art work that are original and unique. The great thing about inclusions is that they can be used with any type of Glass. We will work with the following materials: Copper Sheets, Gold Leaf, Silver Foil, Aluminum foil, copper beads, copper cut outs, copper powder, copper strands, glass paints, Mayco, Glass Line, brown earth, green earth, Cobalt oxide, green oxide, ceramic stains. The goal in the class is to make these three projects: an 8 x 10 x ½, an 8 x 8 x ½, and a 2 x 2 x 3/8.

Class Cost $250.00

3D at rainbow glass.jpg


Framed Suncatcher

In This class you will create a framed suncatcher/wall hanging(if hung in a window) and also work as a stand alone decorative piece on a wall

You will learn the aesthetics of mosaicking. learn to cut,  and grout a mosaic

.,and saunter home with a beautiful framed piece to display in your home wall.

cityscape 2.jpg

City Scape

A family and group favorite!

During this class your project is a 8 x 12 that is fired twice. The first firing produces your design fused, the second provides the curve that allows this project to stand on its own in a beautiful wave design. We have many patterns to choose from including San Francisco, Paris, New York as well as a light house design and many more.


Mosaic Tile

Choose from many patterns. In this class you will learn how to work with glass by following a pattern. You will learn about Frit and Stringers, both are a form of glass that can be used to create your project. We can slump your tile into a bowl or plate for an additional $8.00. This class is part of our Fun Fuse Class

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3D Standing Panel

Get your creative on!

Come join us for a 3D class.

During this class you will build 3 panels that when put together tells your story. Project total size is 8 x 24. You will use this 8 x 24 to create your project.  A Oak Base that holds 3 panels is included in the class cost.

Class Cost $150.00

3D at rainbow glass.jpg


3D sculpture of a head

Feeling a bit of a 3D vision in your head?  In this class you will learn how to use Styrofoam as a 3D substrate to create your own amazing sculpture.  You will learn how to cut glass for 3D projects. Bring all your fun 3D elements odd jewellery , beads, buttons, metal bits

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