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Passion drives our commitment to your Restoration!         Our Expertise in Restorations is unmatched.

We proudly show off restorations we have completed in the gallery below.

As you can see we deliver quality along with respect for the history of your treasured art glass

Church Restorations


Restoration Project: Church on the Prairie in Dunnigan California 

Union Church of Dunnigan is a historic church located at 3615 County Road 89A in Dunnigan, California. The Gothic Revival church construction began in 1892, and was completed in 1894. Its design features pointed arch windows and doorways and a louvered bell tower with a working bell.

Rainbow Glass has been selected to restore the stained glass windows in the church. The project includes 30 windows some that are over 20 feet high. The project is estimated to be completed in early 2019. 

Our Approach


When you want to make decisions about an Art Glass Restoration but are not sure of the direction that will safely and respectfully complete the project.

Philip Teefy can help.

Philip can be contracted to help draft a project plan, execute the plan or oversee others execute the plan

Philip Teefy is a well known established artist, instructor and business owner. Philip has restored many windows over the last 47 years. He brings knowledge of glass history along with his passion to stay true to the vision of the original artist to all of his projects. Philip is supported by a group of talented artists, he stays involved in the project from start to finish ensuring the goals of the project are met. 

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